ESTYN Inspection Results

Following the inspection of Cowbridge Comprehensive School by Estyn, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales, in December 2013, the team of inspectors judged that the School’s current performance and prospects for improvement were both good. These judgments were arrived at because “the standards achieved in all key stages of the school are consistently high in all indicators”, “behaviour and attitudes to learning are consistently good”, “attendance is above expectations” and “the leadership team has a thorough understanding of the strengths and areas for improvement”. The report also states that “pupils enjoy their lessons and have positive attitudes to learning. They work with concentration and engage purposefully in tasks”.

The Inspectors identified that “there are high levels of pupil involvement in all aspects of school life especially the fields of performing arts and physical education”. There was also a very positive mention of the work of the Eco-committee and the role that the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme plays in developing young people’s life skills.

The teachers in the School are credited with providing “a caring environment and good quality support for pupils’ emotional needs”. All pupils are catered for and “interventions are carefully designed to meet individual needs”. “The School’s Ethos is purposeful and there is a pervasive air of calm and diligence”.

“The School works well with partners to support its pupils and improve standards and well being”. A key feature of this is the fact that “the School communicates well with parents, who are highly supportive of the School. The number of parents attending School events is high”.

The Headteacher, Mrs Debra Thomas, said “we are pleased that the Inspection team recognised the many strengths of the School, particularly the high expectations and standards achieved by our young people. We look forward to achieving greater success and improvement for all members of the School community”.

A copy of the Estyn Inspection Report 2013 can be downloaded below:

ESTYN Inspection Report 2013 (PDF)