Governors Reports

Governors' Annual Report

Governors Annual Report 2016


SSSP Report

This is the final Summary of Secondary School Performance report containing summary examination information specific to Cowbridge Comprehensive School, compiled by the Amor Group on behalf of the Welsh Government. You may find the following information helpful when reading the report.

School Comparative Summary Report

School Comparative Summary Report.pdf

This report details Key Stage 3 national curriculum assessment for 2014 with benchmarking.

This report provides:

  • Information about KS3 Teacher Assessments in Cowbridge Comprehensive School for the 2013-14 academic year, together with data to show attainment trends over time.
  • Contextual information about how this attainment relates to performance of similar schools.
  • Page 1 provides details about the core subjects.
  • Page 2 provides details about the non-core subjects.