BBC Visit

Students from Cowbridge Comprehensive will be making the news for real on March 10th as they take part in BBC News School Report.

Our pupils have been offered the very special opportunity of spending the day at the BBC Wales studios, helping contribute to a real live radio show!

Here's what happened when they visited the BBC in preparation.

It was an early start for our Year 9 School Reporters who met in Cowbridge at 06:45 on a chilly Tuesday morning, in order to get to BBC Radio Wales for 07:30. So it was with weary eyes that we made our first celeb spot of the day, while sat in BBC reception waiting to be escorted upstairs. It was none other than Radio 1’s Greg James, in Cardiff as part of a Sports Relief Triathlon Challenge that will see him complete 5 triathlons in 5 cities over 5 days.

We were then taken into the Radio Wales office to meet the team, who explained to us how their day works. Eve momentarily forgot what school she went to when she realised that the Jason Mohammad (who’s show we were there to observe) was the same Jason Mohammad she’d been watching on Crimewatch the night before! The team explained that they spend the 2 hours prior to the show going on-air reading through the newspapers and deciding what items to include. They then decide on a running order, and potential interviewees relating to these stories, before scripts are written and things get underway.

Our pupils were able to take part in their own news gathering exercise, picking out stories that they felt most interested in, and discussing how they could imagine these sounding on air. Their ideas included doing something on Beyonce’s upcoming performance in Cardiff- which could be tied into her Superbowl performance at the weekend; a piece about whether more people would celebrate Pancake Day or Valentine’s Day this week and speaking to an expert about Kate Middleton’s eyebrows! A slightly different range to those that eventually made it to broadcast, but all worthy suggestions, nonetheless.

We were then able to spend time in the studio watching the magic happen, while also discussing ideas for March 10th- School Report News Day- when our pupils will be taking over the show and given complete control over what is broadcast!

It didn’t seem like long before Jason was handing over to Wynne Evans (a.k.a Go Compare Man) and we were saying our goodbyes. However, it’s only a month until we’re back again and actually getting our pupils’ ideas heard on national radio!

Come back after March 10th to see how they got on.