Film Club

Film Club is trying to find out Cowbridge’s favourite films of all time. We’re asking people to list their five top films. You can either use the voting boxes in the library or in the canteen, or you can submit your vote online. Film Club will be showing the top three films in a cinema atmosphere straight after school on the 16th, 17th & 18th June.

To promote the vote, Film Club members have produced some excellent video interviews with members of staff. Visit our channel to see Mr Austin, Mr Darcy, Mrs Davies, Mrs Evans, Mr Morgan and Mr Thomas being quizzed on their favourite films, with some very interesting results.

If you’re looking for inspiration, some of our Year 7 pupils have been telling us about their favourite film in exactly 100 words. Visit this page to read what they had to say, or take part in the challenge yourself to win DVDs.

Remember to vote before Friday 12th June. The full list and winning films will be revealed on Monday 15th June.

Big Film Club thanks go to our interviewers Jack O’Driscoll, Sam Davies and Will Thomas, and review writers Phoebe Bianchi, Emily Davies, Luke Gregory, Bethan Griffiths , Emma Jones, Megan Lowrie, Elin Morris and Zoe Sargeant.