Netball Year 9 and 10

Cowbridge’s Year 9 and 10 netball teams took on St. Richard Gwyn and Llantwit in a triangular on the 6th of October.

Year 9 Netball Team

The Year 9 team played Llantwit first and scored within the opening seconds of the game, and it didn’t stop there. Excellent play and passing from Jess as centre to Beth Edwards as GA put the team in prime attacking position, two quick passes later and Eve had the ball ready to shoot. Eve and Beth’s shooting was outstanding and consistent and they took every chance they had. On every Cowbridge centre the girl’s quick and accurate passes didn’t give Llantwit time to react and get back to defend. Cowbridges lead extended to 10-0 before half time. The second half started and just like the first half Cowbridge were unstoppable. Every chance Llantwit had to attack Daisy, Frankie and Helena intercepted and feed the attack the ball to extend their lead again. An excellent game ended 22-0!!

The Year 9 team played St. Richard Gwyn next and after the last games success they were ready to repeat the same standard of play. The whistle went and again like the last, three movements later and we were already 1-0 up.Cowbridge’s passing was spectacular, the girls have clearly gelled as a team as each player knows where the other would run. The games was similar to the last with Eve and Beth successfully shooting every ball. Final score 15-0 win!!

A TEAM PLAYERS: Frankie Coates, Helena McCormack, Daisy Connelly, Beth Edwards, Jess Gregory, Eve Mordecai, Ella Jones.

Year 10 Netball Team

Year 10 played St. Richard Gwyn first. Cowbridge had the first centre pass and started strong. Excellent movement and passing down the court by Jordan, Sophie and Merial put us ahead from the start. The attack was very fast and the passes were quick and sharp, this helped extend our lead. St. Richard Gwyn were playing well and were making it difficult for us to get the circle. A good GD for them prevented many attempts at goal for us. However our defence was just as strong and we keep St. Richard Gwyn out of the attacking circle. Excellent defensive work by Elin, Tirion and Sarah mean that they didn’t have many opportunities to score. Elin, Tirion and Sarah had many outstanding interceptions and only allowed St. Richards to score 1 goal. Final score 8-1. Cowbridge’s next game was against Llantwit. This game was again very similar to the first. Both defensive and attacking play was very good. We missed many opportunities at goal, however we still won 8-2. Two very good games and wins for Cowbridge.

A TEAM PLAYERS: Olivia Mitchell, Sophie Rees, Meriel Clode, Jordan Meek, Tirion Evans, Elin Swallow, Sarah Jones and Molly Ward-Tossell.