Normandy 2017

Sunday 16th July

We arrived at the school at 3:30 in the morning with everyone yawning ready to get back to sleep. We set off at 4am and arrived at Normandy at 3pm after a 6 hour ferry crossing. As soon as we got off we went to see William the Conqueror’s Castle in Caen. We looked around the ruins and saw a rundown keep and chapel. As we went around the castle we completed our activities in the booklets. By the time we had finished that we were all ready to go to sleep but we were all also hungry so we went to the Buffalo Grill for dinner. Once we had eaten we went to the hotel and went straight to sleep because it had been such a long day.

Monday 17th July

Our alarms woke us up at 7:30am to get ready and have breakfast because we would have a long day ahead of us. Today we were travelling to Bayeux where we were going to see the 70m long Bayeux Tapestry which was made in around 1070 AD. When we were looking at it we had a head set telling us what was happening in different parts of the tapestry. Then we went to see a short film about it and we saw small replicas of the invasion. Next we moved on to the cathedral which was one of the most cherished cathedral in the whole of France. As you walk in you are mesmerised by the beautiful stain glass windows and the colourful paintings. We lit candles to show respect and peace to people who have passed away. After that we walked into Bayeux town and we bought ourselves lunch.

In the afternoon we travelled to the German Military Cemetery at La Cambe where 21,000 soldiers were buried. Then we went to the American cemetery which was a lot bigger than the German cemetery even though there were 12,000 more people in the German cemetery. Then we went to the 360° cinema about D-Day. It showed us a film about the very important invasion that was played all around us. Later on we went to the Hotel Normandie in Arromanches for dinner. After dinner we went to a bowling alley in Caen. We finished bowling and by then everyone was very tired and ready for bed. We got back in the buses and went to the hotel.

Tuesday 18th July

Today was our last day in Normandy. Firstly, after breakfast, we went to the Merville battery and museum. We saw a light show about how it would have felt to be in the war. We also saw bunkers and the 9X American war plane. Soon after that we went to the British Military cemetery where we held a memorial service to remember the people who died in the war. We had a 2 minute silence to commemorate the people in the war who fought to free France as a country. Shortly after that we drove to Pegasus Bridge where we sat and Mr Cook told us that if Pegasus Bridge had not been secured we could have possibly lost the war. After we crossed the bridge and had lunch in a café next to the water. We watched the bridge open as a boat sailed beneath it along the canal. Then we made our way to the port of Caen and got on the ferry to go home.

By Zara and Izzy 7.7