School Transport

Please note there are some changes this year with the bus pass process; no contract letter/forms are required to be signed, as by using the bus pass allocated to your child you are agreeing to adhere to the Vale of Glamorgan Council Schools transport policy and Welsh Government Travel behaviour code. Therefore we are sending your bus pass and relevant information in the post to your home address.

Secondary School Free School Transport

Pupils who currently qualify for free school transport and have not moved address will be receive their bus pass from the Vale of Glamorgan council by the end August 2015. Pupils can use these bus passes from beginning of September only.

Year 7 - New Intake
New Year 7 starters who are entitled to free school transport will be sent bus passes to their home address by 13th July 2015.

Year 8 to Year 11
All existing pupils that have been entitled to free school transport this year will automatically receive a letter and their bus pass which will be sent to the parent/guardian home address (please contact us if you have moved recently) along with the Policy summary, Travel Behaviour code, Route timetable by the end of August 2015.

Post 16 Pupils (Year 12-Year 13)

Pupils receiving free transport who are currently in Year 11 and 12 will be sent an application form to apply for transport. Those wishing to continue their studies from September 2015 will need to complete the form, signed and dated and returned to the council no later than Monday 24th August 2015. Bus Passes will then be sent to home address over the summer holidays.

Pupils can use bus passes from beginning of September or when received depending on the date the application was made.

Bus Pass Purchasers

Forms will be on line from the 20th July 2015. They can also be sent out in the post from this date. They are treated on a first come first served basis. However, as we have to allocate post 16 pupils who may not decide to re-attend school/college until after results day in late August we cannot allocate any purchasers until the third week of September, at the earliest.

Additional Information

Due to increase in workload during the months of August and September late applications cannot be guaranteed to be processed in time for the start of term.