Selina Radcliffe - British Nutrition Foundation Drummond Education Award

A former Cowbridge Comprehensive student has won the British Nutrition Foundation Drummond Education Award for A Level Food and Nutrition. Selina Radcliffe’s superb achievement and good practice in A Level Food and Nutrition was recognised in a ceremony at the Royal College of Physicians in London at the BNF Annual Day in November.

Kathryn Mallows (Head of Design and Technology) explains, “Within Food and Nutrition we strongly believe that every young person should be taught information about the relationship between diet and food for now and in their future. The British Nutrition Foundation plays a leading role in making this possible. We are so very proud that her dedication and hard work has resulted in this prestigious award; it is an outstanding achievement for Selina.”

Mrs Mallows and Selina travelled to London on Tuesday 20th November to collect her award which was presented by her Royal Highness Princess Anne.