U18 County Hockey Tournament

Cowbridge V Llantwit

Cowbridge’s U18 hockey team’s first game of the tournament was against Llantwit. The game started as did the rain and the girls got off to a good start. Our attackers and midfielders worked well in getting the ball into the Llanishen half and they worked hard to put pressure on the defence but we were unable to get a goal. Llanishen put the pressure on and were intercepting our passes in dangerous attacking areas. Llanishen were very good at passing and moving into the space which stretched our defence. Meg, Sian, Seren and Rhiannon tackled endlessly and cleared the ball out of the danger zone but Llanishen scored. Cowbridge were very good on the counter attack with quick passes and speed from Ellie, Rosa and Ffion. Excellent passing and movement in the circle gave Ellie the opportunity to strike the ball and put us back in the game 1-1 half time. Second half was a very end-to-end game with both teams attacking and defending well. Once again we had a break and applied the pressure, getting us a short corner. A strong pass out from Rosa gave Ellie a good ball at the top of the circle. A spectacular strike from Ellie from the top of the De put us ahead early in the second half.Meg McNamee, Mali, Merial and Sophie worked tirelessly in the middle tackling and distributing the ball to the attack where we had many more opportunities to score but we didn’t take them.Cowbridge held onto the lead until the last minute of the game but Llantwit were stuck in our circle and after many attempts the ball hit the back of the goal, finishing the game with a 2-2 draw.

Final Score: 2-2 draw.

Cowbridge V Radyr

Cowbridge’s next opponent was Radyr, and after watching their match against Llantwit the girls were a little apprehensive. Radyr were a very good team with some strong key players. We had first push back and applied the pressure from the start. Ellie, Ffion and Rosa had an attacking break early on but failed to get past the strong Radyr defence. This was the story throughout the game! We were unable to get passed their strong defensive line. Radyr were strong and were passing around us and into the gaps. Cowbridge fought hard in the first half with strong tackles and good marking but we were unable to get out of our half. Radyr were quick in attack and scored some very good goals. Score at half time 3-0. The second half started and Cowbridge’s heads seemed to have dropped. Radyr took advantage of this and were attacking strong from the start. Hard work from all the defence and midfield prevented many goals but our going forward power suffered as a result of all our defensive work. Brilliant clears out of the De by Meg and Seren were met by Radyr players who were quick to react, meaning we were always defending. Radyr took their changes and scored a further 3 goals. Cowbridge had some good attacking play towards the end of the game but it was too late; 6-0 final score

Final Score: 6-0 loss.

Players: Freya Johnson, Mali Howells, Sian Smith, Evie Williams, Sophie Oddy, Ffion McNamee, Meg McNamee, Meg Duncombe, Ellie Eddy-Williams, Rosa Hartman, Meriel Clode, Seren Burgum, Rhiannon Hill