Y8a +b Netball Cowbridge Vs Llantiwt

It was Year 8’s first netball game of the year against Llantwit.Cowbridge’s A Team took to the court first. The girls started well and their confidence grew as the game progressed.Excellent work from Amelie in the centre gave Cowbridge the edge. Emma and Tilly made some excellent interceptions in defence in the first half. The game was very close but brilliant movement from Alice as (GA) provided Alexa and herself with opportunities to take the lead. Final score- 4-2 to Cowbridge.

A Team Players: Alexa Browning, Alice Rees, Catrin Roy, Annabell S., Amelie Clode, Tilly Gough, Emma Jones, Kate Floyd, Imogen Thomas and Saffron M.

Mom: Amelie Clode

Second up were Cowbridge B Team. We had two B Teams, each played half a game each. B Team 1 took to the court first and displayed some lovely netball. The game was very even with both teams defending and attacking well throughout. Lowri made some brilliant interceptions in the first half to slow down Llantwit’s attack. Brilliant work and passing from Sydney and Maisie in the middle provided the shooters with the chances to score. We misses some key opportunities to get ahead and therefore finished the first half 2-2.

Cowbridge B Team 2 were next up and they took over from B Team 1. Similar to the first half the game both teams were evenly matched with both taking the ball from one side to the other. Tabitha and Lauren V. worked excellently together in the middle quarter to feed the ball from defence to attack. Consistent shooting by Emily H. evened the score with one minute left on the clock. Unfortunately Llantwit scored in the last second to win 5-4.

B Team (1): Izzie Gibbon, Megan Hascol, Elin J, Maisie W, Lily Gibbon, Lowri, Sydney New and Penny R.

Mom: Maisie Wheaton

B Team (2): Emily H, Tabitha, Milly R, Lauren V, Molly, Livvy C, Grace G, Seren R, Morgan D and Sophie V.

Mom: Lauren Verrecchia