Year 7 Neball Cowbridge Vs Bro Morgannwg

This was Year 7’s first Netball game and it was against Bro Morgannwg. Cowbridge A and B team were ready and hoping to set a standard for the year to come.

Cowbridge A team were up first and were exited to start.The starting whistle was blown and Bro made their first centre pass. Bro were attacking strong in the first minutes of the game but excellent defence from Mia, Annabelle and Georgina keep them out of the shooting circle.Annabelle and Georgina had some excellent interceptions which provided the attacking players with the ball. Laura, Kate and Alys worked endlessly in the centre of the court and moving the ball quickly down court to Aimee in GS. Aimee and Alys played well and moved the ball skilfully around the circle and scored. This was the turning point for Cowbridge. The tempo of the game increased and the girls fought for every ball. Cowbridge took almost every opportunity they had and at half time they were winning 5-0. Good movement on court meant the passes were quick, this however did result in some mistakes and easy interceptions for Bro. The second half started and once again Cowbridge were rushing passes, giving Bro the opportunities to attack and put pressure on our defence. Luckily our strong defence prevented them from scoring, Annabelle and Georgina were able to reach up high and take the rebounds which give us back the possession we needed. Aimee, Alys and Laura worked well together in the second half with brilliant movement off the ball. Mia was now GS and was shooting very well, this extended our lead and finished the game with a brilliant first win of 11-0!!!!!!!

Well done Girls.

A team: Aimee Eason, Alys Hale, Kate Parry, Laura Hawkins, Georgina Cole, Mia Davies , Annabelle Llewellyn-Jones and Abbie Griffiths.

MOM: Laura Hawkins (C)

Cowbridge B team were next up and after watching the A team they were ready to repeat their success. Bronwen Williams had first centre pass and a successful quick pass to Tess Knight put us straight in the attacking area of the court. Excellent movement off the ball by Hannah Davies, Bronwen Williams and Tess Knight put pressure on the Bro defence. Good movement in the shooting circle by Megan Rees gave her and Tess the opportunities to score. Megan scored the first goal and gave Cowbridge an early lead. The first goal gave the girls confident and our defenders Morgan Day-Davies and Alys Phillips worked very hard to prevent Bro from getting into our shooting circle. Alys and Grace Wignall were very good and got every rebound. This worked well and provided Cowbridge with the possession they needed to score. Excellent shooting by Megan put Cowbridge in the lead by 5-0 at the end of the first half. Second half whistle blew and Bro were ready to up the pressure. Lily Bulick worked hard in defence and intercepted many passes from the opponents. Alice was in the centre this half and she ran tirelessly around the court helping both attack and defence. Cowbridge began to give the ball away too easily and this made it difficult for them to get the ball to the shooting circle. Alice Connolly worked hard to find space and did so effectively. Evie Wong’s speed meant she was always sprinting back to going the attack and get the ball to Megan quickly. Good team work in the shooting circle by Evie and Megan increased our lead and ended the game with a comfortable and well deserved 8-0 win!!!!

B team: Megan Rees, Tess Knight, Hannah Davies, Bronwen Williams, Evie Wong, Morgan Day-Davies, Alys Phillips, Grace Wignall, Lily Bulick and Alice Connolly

MOM: Evie Wong (GA)