Years 8 and 9 had a fabulous time skiing in Kronplatz!

“Are we nearly there yet?” was asked a lot on the journey to Kronplatz and, after a long drive through Europe, we were.

The hotel Linderhoff welcomed pupils as they settled in quickly to the lovely accommodation. Pupils didn’t have long to get comfortable though as the first task of the trip was to sort out the skis!

Suited and booted, pupils returned to the hotel, and were welcomed by the fabulous four course meal that was served; it was quickly decided that it was something we could all definitely get used to!

Anticipation was in the air at breakfast as pupils got ready to begin their first morning on the slopes. We met the instructors at the top of the mountain, home to Europe’s largest bell, and pupils were divided into their groups ready to start skiing. The top of the mountain was cold (-10) and promised some good skiing conditions; we weren’t disappointed.

As tradition dictated, blazer nominations began that evening in quick fashion as Harri Hartman, won it for what can only be described as ‘questionable banter’- that’ll teach you Harri! The following day though, it could only be Mr Smith who won the blazer for the day- a result of one snapped ski pole, one bent ski pole and a little bit of creativity with the truth- despite what you said, we all knew it was you Mr Smith!

Pupils bowled, shopped, discoed and ate ice cream in Brunico and went to the local swimming pool in the evenings and even participated in some karaoke. ‘Let it Go’ started the evening off although Will Marsden’s rendition of Wrecking Ball certainly impressed! Mr Hopkins extended karaoke time further on the Year 9 bus as many pupils were introduced to (or subjected to) some rather questionable music… and singing!

A wonderful week was rounded off with the presentation evening where the results of the time trails were revealed. Medal winners were awarded from all of the ski groups for the times that they recorded. Alice Voisey-Smith’s time was particularly impressive as she got the fastest time on the trip!

After a good final day of skiing, it was time to leave the slopes behind. Instead of, “Are we nearly there?” though, all that could be heard on the return journey was the snores of tired pupils after a great week.