Proactive School Community Project

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List of Group Leaders

Anti- Bullying Campaign

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Autism Awareness Week

Buddy and Peer Mentoring Scheme and Bullies out

The Peer Mentor team consists of year 12 and 13 students who have all undertaken Peer Mentoring training. Within this group there will be three sub groups. The first is traditional Peer Mentoring, where students work with younger pupils on a one-to-one basis. The second Peer Mentor group will work within the LRC and help students with reading and homework in the library. The third Peer Mentor group will be doing work with Growth Mindset. They will be creating displays and doing activities to encourage a Growth Mindset across the school. 

Bullies Out has helped CCS to train up the Anti Bullying Mentors. The training explained the different types of bullying and how to identify them and what to do in certain situations. The CCS Anti Bullying Campaign is continual through an academic year. However, there is a focus on Anti Bullying in November, as it is Anti Bullying Week. There will be assemblies in KS3 for this event.

The Buddy Scheme works with years 7-9. Year 12 and 13 students have designated forms that they will help once a week. They help form teachers with assemblies, seasonal activities and some Buddies will work specifically with individual children. This helps to create relationships between older and younger students, and supports students and Form Tutors during form time.

Cancer Charities

External community Events

Eco Committee

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Financial Skills Across the School

Healthy Eating Committee

Helping at CCS Events

Human Rights and Disability Awareness Weeks

This sub-group is responsible for organising two important events in the school calendar, Human Rights Week and Disability Awareness Week. We want these events to be enjoyable, informative and raise awareness of important issues within the school and the wider community.

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Interact Club

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Cowbridge School Learning Resource Center (LRC), aims to take an innovative approach to learning in the coming year. With Sixth Form Students becoming more actively involved with areas such as reading for pleasure and the assistance of students with technology and reading. There is also the availability of personalized reading recommendations, which are accessible through request. Along side this, the LRC will be promoting events throughout the year and working closely with the Student Council and Prefects.

Meeting Minutes

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Marie Curie

Medics Group


The Medics committee aims to implement basic first aid skills into the student’s lessons with the help of St. John’s Ambulance. We will also be raising awareness for mental health awareness week in school. Our Mindfulness scheme aims to “switch the chatterbox off” in people’s head giving them clear mind in order to tackle any of life’s stresses. Another project we hope to put forward is the Sixth Form blood drive. Also, for students who are aspiring to study medicine, there is going to be a debating group which is for those who are aiming for a career in medicine. In these sessions we will be discussing current affairs in the world of medicine. The group is aiming to have guest speakers to discuss different topics. Meetings for this will be held at Monday lunchtimes in E2D.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes 4-7-17

Poppy Appeal

The school is excited to be supporting the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal once again this November. The Poppy Appeal committee will be responsible for raising awareness, selling poppies and collecting donations going to the Armed Forces community.Our main fundraising events during the Poppy Appeal are all about bringing the school community together to fundraise and enjoy themselves in the process!

Print Magazine

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Minutes 10-7-17

Sports Committee

This committee meets regularly on Fridays, we have a couple of aims for this year including engaging Cowbridge Comprehensive School with the community for the Cowbridge 10k event. Organisation of Sports Relief in Cowbridge Comprehensive this year and much much more. This year we plan to cover everything sporty within Cowbridge Comprehensive and develop a committee that is sustainable and successful for years to come. 

Meeting Minutes

Minutes 15-9-17

Taster Days and A Day in the Life of....

The aim for The Day in the Life, is to provide awareness sessions and careers advice to pupils in years 9 to 11, as well as AS level taster lessons for year 11, to make them aware of the wide variety of jobs and further education that is available. To do this, guest speakers will attend the career sessions to give an insight into “A day in the life of a ………”. This will allow the students to see the different types of jobs available, along with the required subjects and grades. As well as people from various occupations, these days will involve people from universities, colleges and apprenticeships, to show the wide range of further education and the world of work.


World Cancer Day