Senior Prefect Team

Dan Marshall

Studying Geography, Chemisty, Biology and Maths. Hoping to study PPE at University. 

Henrietta Glanville

Studying English, History and Sociology. Wishes to take a year out before going to University.

Patrick Sheppard
Studying Maths, French, Music and Drama. Wanting to study music at University.

Ella Sahonte

Studying Psychology, Geography, Biology and WBQ. Planning to study Geography at University.

Angus James
Studying History, Geography, EP and WBQ. Hoping to study History and International Relations at University.

Gemma Tooze
Studying History, Economics, Psychology and WBQ. Wishing to study Law at University.

Dan Taylor

Studying History, EP and French. Planning to study Politics and French at university.

Claudia Howells

Studying Chemistry, Biology and History. Hoping to study Medicine or Pharmacy at University.