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27th Nov, 2020


Face coverings

As communicated to you earlier this week the Welsh Government has changed their guidance with reference to face coverings. This updated guidance will necessitate a change in the school's operating procedures. Therefore, from Monday 30 November 2020 all pupils will be required to wear a face covering when inside any building in school. Coverings will need to be worn upon entry to all buildings until pupils are seated at their desk in a classroom. Coverings can then be removed. At the end of each lesson, face coverings will again need to be worn until pupils leave the building or reach their next lesson within the same building.

Face coverings will also need to be worn on entry to the main dining hall and Scholars 6th Form café, while ordering and paying for food and when finding a seat. Face coverings can then be removed. On leaving the dining hall or Scholars, pupils will again need to wear a face covering.
Pupils are not expected to wear face coverings outdoors unless they wish to do so.

Pupils self isolating.

We still have 115 pupils self isolating as a result of a positive COVID-19 case.
It is important that pupils do not attend school if:

Ventilation and colder weather

As part of the school's approach to reducing the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission, we have ensured that classrooms are as well ventilated as possible. This means that windows are open, fully or partially, to obtain the levels of fresh air required. As the colder weather is now with us, we have to be mindful of pupils' thermal comfort if windows are open. Therefore pupils are allowed to wear additional layers if conditions require it. However, it is important to note that the school jumper is the main compulsory item of clothing if pupils are cold. Only if the jumper is insufficient should pupils wear additional layers. A shirt and a coat on top without a jumper is not appropriate.  

Outdoor gatherings outside school

We have been contacted on a number of occasions by members of the local community informing us of large gatherings of school age pupils around the Cowbridge area. These gatherings have occurred outside school hours. However, as a result of some negative behaviour exhibited during these "gatherings", members of staff at school have had to intervene and address problems which have spilled over into school.
We would respectfully draw all parents and carers attention to Welsh Government Coronavirus Restrictions (Wales) Regulations 2020 which state that "In most circumstances, the absolute maximum number of people that do not all live together who can gather outdoors is four (not including any children under 11). This is a maximum and not a target". We will be reminding all pupils of these requirements over the next week.

Blended Learning News - November 2020

Year 7 and 8 pupils recently developed their knowledge and understanding of Remembrance and, in particular, World War One by participating in our half term Remembrance Challenge.
We were highly impressed by the pupils’ submissions and have enjoyed learning new facts and information about WW1 from their calculations, stories and poems! A range of pupils’ work is currently being displayed in the history department corridors and on our TV in the main entrance to A block. Exemplary work is also being published on our school website. To view the work please select ‘Blended Learning News’ from the drop down menu on the right hand side of the home page.

INSET days

As previously communicated, Friday 4 December and Monday 7 December 2020 are designated INSET days. These will go ahead as planned. Therefore school will be closed to all pupils on these days due to staff training. 

We wish all families a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.