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7th Jan, 2021

Dear Parent/ Guardian,

Online Interactive Lessons
As per our previous correspondence, online interactive lessons will be rolled out from Wednesday 6th January and over the next week. Many lessons have already been delivered in this way and we are prioritising examination classes as the first priority. Some lower school lessons have been successfully delivered for part or all of the lesson and will continue into next week.
We wish to make clear that online, interactive lessons can involve the following:
  1. The teacher being available online and able to interact with pupils via written communication;
  2. The teacher being online, via video link and being able to ask and answer questions, provide feedback in real time and address any misconceptions for pupils who wish to take advantage of this provision;
  3. The teacher being available online and being able to interact with audio and not via a camera (not visible to learners) this may involve, for example, presenting information;
  4. A full or partial live lesson where all pupils are invited to attend and participate.
The above approaches will vary depending upon the nature of the subject, the lesson and syllabus content, the type of work required to complete and the nature of the tasks. For example, where a teacher has engaged interactively with pupils in one lesson, they may have set extended work e.g. a written essay or past examination paper, which does not require a fully interactive, visual lesson for the subsequent lesson(s). In the subsequent lesson(s) the teacher then could be available for assistance via written communication. Teachers will plan and decide the most appropriate approach and will communicate accordingly with pupils directly.
There are several issues to address with the infrastructure and resources which we are currently addressing and those lessons where the teacher is available visually, will contain a link. Where this link is not visible, it means that work will be available, but the teacher will not be available via visually interactive means, until any issues with the ICT infrastructure have been remedied.
Not all lessons will have this interactive link immediately. This will happen over the next week, as and when staff have addressed the issues and glitches they are encountering. We have 2 ICT technicians and approximately 150 staff, so your patience is appreciated.

The Senior Leadership Team