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8th April, 2020

As we approach the weekend of Easter, a time when families and friends normally get together for Sunday lunch, perhaps engage in an Easter egg hunt and exchange Easter eggs, we are starkly reminded of the incongruous nature of life under lockdown. We are aware of a number of families in our community suffering the loss of loved ones and those deeply concerned for family and friends who are ill.  Our thoughts, hopes and sincere wishes are sent to all and we urge all to be kind and compassionate at a time when emotions for some, are in turmoil. 
I remind all in our community of the availability of our outreach services by contacting
Fuller details are on the school's website however includes:
1. Supervision requests;
2. Safeguarding and wellbeing issues for pupils;
3. Services available by our volunteers such as shopping, dog walking for those in need. 

Thank you for supporting those who are vulnerable at this time and for small acts of kindness and again our heartfelt appreciation, admiration and respect to all those who are front-line workers fighting to beat this deadly virus and to those who are supporting us all, in different ways, to receive our commodities and services. 
For those with time for reflection the words of Lemn Sissay resonate:
How do you do it?’ said night
‘How do you wake and shine?’
‘I keep it simple’ said light
One day at a time.’

Mrs Thomas

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