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26th March, 2020

As you are aware, I took the decision to close the school during the evening of Monday. This was as a result of a rat infestation inside E Block, (the main canteen block). We also had a potential Covid-19 case, now confirmed positive.

We have secured Pest control to treat the vermin infestation, but this will take some time. To date there is damage to ceiling tiles and cables. We are currently working with a contractor to establish the point(s) of entry to seal this/ these, before being able to remove the rats and sanitise appropriately.
I wish to assure you that we are working within the parameters set by the Government and we essentially believe in this as our overarching principle and responsibility:

'Each and every individual has a moral and a legal responsibility to avoid any activity which risks the spread of the C-19 infection. This can only be achieved by stringent measures to avoid social contact and taking protective precautions when touching surfaces. Where contact is unavoidable with people and potentially infected surfaces, all actions must mitigate against spreading C-19.'

We are therefore working on a plan in the background to be able to open to children of key workers, where all other provision has been exhausted and emergency supervision is required.

We aim to have this plan available by Monday, March 30th 2020.

Thank for your understanding, patience and forbearance.

Mrs Thomas