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Music Online Resources

- Creating Music Block Game create a 3-note pattern and then listen to a variety of patterns to choose the one you created
- Creating Music Comparing Game <>–listen to two melodies and determine if they are the same or different
- Creating Music Block Game with Rhythm <>–list the block game above only with an 8-note melodic and rhythmic pattern
- Creating Music About Pitch <>–listen to classical music excerpts demonstrating rising and lowering pitch
- 12 Steps <>–Select the sound heard to help Alice (in Wonderland) up the stairs
- Orchestra Game <>
–listen and identify the instrument played - BBC Seaside Activity <>—match sounds with descriptions
- BBC Mood Music <>—listen to music selections and match with a mood
- Classics for Kids <>
- BBC Instrument Matchup <>—match sounds with instrument
- BBC Quiz <>—review of aural rhythm, style, and instrument recognition
- Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures: Symphony No. 9 “From the New World” <>–Interactive Listening Map
- Classics for Kids Rhythm <>—imitate rhythms played on the space bar
- Funschool Kazounds <>—musical memory game
- Funschool Music Match ‘em <>—match the instrument with the sound
- Arts Alive Guess the Instrument <>—multiple choice choose instrument played
- PBS Caillou Stars <>—musical memory game
- PBS Toopy and Binoo Planets <>—musical memory game
- PBS Toopy and Binoo Shells <>—match pitches
- PBS Toopy and Binoo Bubbles <>—musical memory game
- DJ Games Music Matching <>–imitate melodies played on a solfege ladder
- Sousa Palooza <>–an interactive music map of a famous Sousa march turned into an asteroid-like game
- Note Pair <>–aural concentration game
- Theta Music Trainer <>–many aural training games for everything from scales, intervals, chord progressions, rhythms, and more
- Music Memory <>–aural solfege training
- Music Teacher Games <>–many games for staff, piano key, rhythm, and aural recognition
- Melody Mayhem 1 <>–recognize a melody
- Storm Chasers <>–recognize melodic direction
- Good Ear <>–ear training exercises for intervals, chords, scales, cadences and more
- Echo Time with Annie <>–aural concentration game