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School Uniform

Parents are required to support the School’s uniform rules and to contact the school if they have a query regarding suitable styles or suppliers.
All pupils are expected to wear the Governors agreed School uniform. The uniform is as follows below:

School Tie (compulsory)
Years 7-11: Black with blue stripe.
Years 12-13: Black with white stripe.
 School Jumpers
Years 7-11: Black, red band on V-neck, embroidered school badge.
Years 12-13: Black, white band on V-neck, embroidered school badge.
Plain black skirt (neither too revealing or tight).  Skirt length must be no shorter than 5cm above the knee.
Plain black tailored trousers. No leggings or overly tight, revealing trousers will be permitted. No jeans/jeans style in black or otherwise.
Plain white shirt that is suitable for tucking into skirt or trousers.
Plain black (with no logos), low heeled footwear. Backless footwear or flip flops are not acceptable. High heels must not be worn. No other colour is acceptable.
A smart and practical all weather coat that can be worn over uniform. Hooded, fleece style tops, denim clothing or leather jackets are forbidden for school use.
Hair must be of natural colours only.  It is not permissible to have any part of the hair in unnatural colours or shades of unnatural colours e.g. pink, blue, green, yellow etc. No tram lines, including insignia and patterns, are permitted in any length hair.
In practical areas, hair which is shoulder length or longer must be tied back.
Make-up can be worn, however needs to be natural and suitable for a professional workplace.  No false eye lashes, lipstick or excessive make-up is permitted.
Jewellery is restricted to a watch and one pair of small studs. No other jewellery is permitted.  Earrings must be small and not extend beyond the earlobe to ensure health and safety of all.
The School permits nail varnish to be worn, however, it should be of a discreet colour. Nails must be of a safe, practical length so as not to cause injury to self or others.  No false nails or extensions are permissible as this breaches health and safety.
 Failure to comply with the above uniform code will result in your child being asked to change or being sent home to remedy the non-adherence.
No pupil will be required to leave school without parental contact and permission.  Should staff be unable to contact parents, pupils will be educated away from their timetabled lessons
All items of clothing may be bought at any store, as long as the correct colour/style is adhered to. Badged items and school ties are available from The Pencil Case of Cowbridge.
P.E. kit is also available from this supplier.  Pupils are not required to wear designated school sports kit with a logo.
Bags should be durable and easily carried and be clearly marked with the owner’s name and form.

Physical Education:
·         Black t-shirt / polo shirt;
·         Black shorts / black skirt;
·         Long sleeve, durable sports top (for warmth);
·         Black sports socks;
·         Sports trainers / boots, suitable for the activity;
·         Black tracksuit bottoms (optional);
·         Shin pads for hockey / football;
·         Gum shield (advised).
School uniform can be purchased from the following supplier:
School uniform and PE kit are also available from The Pencil Case <> at 50 Eastgate, Cowbridge - 01446 772210 / 07974 168472 (All items of clothing may be bought at any store, as long as the correct colour/style is adhered to).