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Normandy 2017

Sunday 16th July

We arrived at the school at 3:30 in the morning with everyone yawning ready to get back to sleep. We set off at 4am and arrived at Normandy at 3pm after a 6 hour ferry crossing. As soon as we got off we went to see William the Conqueror’s Castle in Caen. We looked around the ruins and saw a rundown keep and chapel. As we went around the castle we completed our activities in the booklets. By the time we had finished that we were all ready to go to sleep but we were all also hungry so we went to the Buffalo Grill for dinner. Once we had eaten we went to the hotel and went straight to sleep becaus...


10th Annual Art and Design Exhibition

The Art and Design department, held its tenth Annual Art Exhibition on Thursday 22nd June. It wa...


Karate: Chloe Gravell

Chloe Gravell (Year 7) is the 2017 Karate Wales Welsh Open Champion - Kyokushin Style Kata (Age ...