Year 10 A and B Netball game Vs Bro Morgannwg

Cowbridge A team were first to play Bro Morgannwg. The game started at a fast pace and Cowbridge took the lead early. The girls worked hard in attack and took many of the chances they had at goal. Bro, however made it difficult with very good defenders. Jordan, Meriel and Sophie worked hard to created space which provided Olivia with the opportunities to put us ahead. Several minutes into the game Bro upped the tempo and began to attack. A very tall Shooter on the opposing side made it almost impossible for Sarah to intercept the ball. Long and high balls straight to the shooter provided Bro with the opportunity to close the gap and they did. At half time the score was 11-7 to Cowbridge.

The second half started and Cowbridge’s aim was to prevent the ball being passed to the very tall shooter. Excellent defensive work by Jordan, Tirion and Molly meant that Bro didn’t have as many opportunities to score as in the first half. Brilliant play and effort in the centre third of the court meant Cowbridge won possession on Bro’s centre passes. This gave us the upper hand as Sophie and Olivia’s shooting was very consistent and they took every chance they had to increase the gap. Final score 21-12!!!

Cowbridge B team was second to play against Bro B team. Cowbridge’s game started well with many attempts at goal. Unfortunately we were unable to take our chances as the game remained 0-0. The game was very even with both teams having periods of attack and defence.Cowbridge were first to score and this seemed to give them momentum. Good passing and moving by Emily, Mali and Catherine gave the girls many opportunities to take the lead however good defence and shoots off targets prevented us from getting the points. First half ended 3-2. The second half started well with some excellent defensive work by Alys, Charlotte and Rachel. They had some lovely interceptions and feed some great balls back to the attackers. Similar to the first half we were unable to take are chances at goal and Bro’s lead slowly increased. Cowbridge worked very hard throughout the game and never gave up. Final score 8-4 to Bro Morgannwg.