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Sixth Form Open Evening

Sixth Form Admissions Event 2021

We are delighted that you are considering Cowbridge Sixth Form as a potential place of study as part of your next stage of learning. We provide a stimulating, vibrant and friendly setting in which students can continue their academic education. The school offers a combination of excellent teaching, academic challenge, sound advice and pastoral care to ensure that everyone can achieve their potential.

Normally at this time every year we launch with great excitement our Sixth Form Open evening and invite existing and prospective students to join us in an exploration of knowledge, learning and entertainment. Unfortunately 2021 will not allow us to do this which is a real regret for us as we will be unable to showcase the best of what we have to offer.

Instead we invite you to take a virtual tour around the school through a combination of audio-visual presentations, interactive brochures, videos and Frequently Asked Questions advice. We also offer up the opportunity to ask us questions you may have and provide us with your preliminary choices via the forms available.

To view this information in an interactive Microsoft Sway presentation please click here


Digital Prospectus - Take a  closer look!

There are lots of considerations when deciding where to send your child to school, and different factors are important to different people. That’s why we aim to ensure that there are plenty of opportunities during the admission process to find out more about the school. This can include browsing our whole school prospectus asking our Achievement Team questions or requesting a call back from someone in the team.

Our Sixth Form Information Booklet can be found here

Now take a look at our Admissions presentation in which Senior Leaders talk about the school and life in the sixth form. We recognise that the move from GCSE to A-Level study can sometimes be overwhelming and we believe we have created a sixth form which makes this transition as easy as possible providing students with both independence and structured support. Mr Ling (Assistant Headteacher) and Miss Davies (Head of Sixth Form) outline our key messages in the video below.

Sixth Form Information Evening Video 2021

Cowbridge sixth form offers a vast array of qualifications at all levels providing academic rigour, pastoral support and guidance to give students the qualifications and personal development needed for success in any chosen field. Students are able to explore the subjects that interest them within a vibrant, friendly and purposeful learning environment. Our academic programme prepares students for top universities and careers, focusing on providing depth as well as breadth. 

Acceptance into Year 12 will be dependent on students obtaining the necessary grades outlined below. Information and subject specific advice is available in our 2021 options booklet which has general advice, clear subject specific information and guidance on each subject’s requirements. Please note that Subjects will only be provided if class sizes are educationally and economically large enough.

Download our Sixth Form Options Booklet 2021

We asked subject leaders to provide answers to the frequently asked questions that are often put to us as part of this process. Here is a summary of the kind of questions that have been frequently asked which may help you in forming your choices. The list is not exhaustive but a useful help guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Are there still questions that you would like to ask us?

We are aware that you may have many questions that may need addressing and have no way of having them answered? Please highlight any queries or questions that you may have whether they involve the admissions process, subject specific questions or need more specific advice on anything to do with the application. We will get back to you with answers to the questions posed.

Request for more information

Provisional Choices

Once you have spent time appraising yourself of the information available you will need to complete your initial Admissions Form. This form needs to be completed by 5 February so that we can construct an effective timetable and represents a very important part of the admissions process.

2021 Provisional Admissions Form

 Post 16 Entry Timeline and Process

The following timeline provides an overview of the process:

• Sixth Form Presentation  - Available on the school website from 25 January 2021.

• Subject information - Available on the school website from 25 January 2021.

• Provisional Options Form (Google Form)  25 January – 5 February 2021. 

 Please note that we will get back in touch with students should clashes be unresolved or to inform them that courses are not running due to insufficient numbers.

Depending on the option choices that students make in this first selection process a second option choices form will subsequently be issued to all students as the timetable firms up and this will likely take place in May 2021. We will contact you again to finalise these arrangements.

Should you have any further questions please complete this form and return

Important Admissions Information

The table below outlines the most viable options for an effective timetable and should help inform your choices in conjunction with the options booklet.


Provisional Year   12 Option Choices   September 2021

Please read through the following sheet and complete the Google Form to indicate your choices by Friday 5 February 2021

The columns represented below provide the most viable options for an effective timetable. These option columns are provisional as they can change due to staffing availability. Subjects will only be provided if class sizes are educationally and economically large enough.


Option A

  Option B

  Option C

  Option D

  Option E









  Ethics & Philosophy

  English Language & Literature



  Food & Nutrition


  English Literature

Further Mathematics


  Film Studies


  Information Technology

Performing Arts




  Performing Arts



  Product Design

  Physical Education






You need to choose 4 subjects – from separate option columns. However, please note that Performing Arts is a double option and therefore must be chosen in both option A and option E.

Please note that only one of Business or Economics can be chosen and not both.

Students wishing to take Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate as one of their option choices need to tick the box on the Google Form.

Due to student choices, subjects may be added to more than one/two option columns. If you have a ‘clash’ indicate the subjects and option column on the Google Form so that we can work on this.