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eSafety Information

We are committed to ensuring that students are safe when using the internet at Cowbridge Comprehensive School. We ask parents/carers to be interested and supportive when monitoring their children’s use of the internet. This page has been designed to give you information that will support you in this role.

What is my child doing online through social networking?

When online, children and young people can learn new things, get help with their homework, express themselves creatively and connect with friends and family. There are also risks, but by understanding and talking about the dangers you can help keep your child safe online.

As part of our PSHE and ICT curriculum, students are taught about all aspects of staying safe online. They are encouraged to report any negative issues they may encounter online to a trusted adult. The school organises annual meetings for parents around eSafety in the Christmas Term. 

The information provided on this page will provide information and support to ensure that your child stays safe online.

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