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Our Staff

Leadership, Management and Achievement Staff

Contact Areas

1.Achievement Assistants/Managers: First Contact for pupil related queries/issues

Achievement Assistants

Name and Title

Mrs Bedford - Y7 & TransitionMrs Hamilton - Y8Mr D'Arcy - Y9Mrs Mawhinney - Y10Miss White - Y11

Outline of role

First line communication re all pupil achievement and wellbeing issues, queries, first line complaints etc.

Achievement Managers

Name and Title

Mrs Howe - Y12 & 13

Outline of role

Achievement Managers have additional managerial duties to the above, involving managing examinations

2.Leaders of Wellbeing and Achievement of Pupils

Leaders of Achievement

Name and Title

Mr Davies - Y7Mrs Best - Y8Mr Hopkins - Y9Miss Kenworthy-Neale - Y10Miss Bail - Y11Mrs Davies - Y12Mr Taylor - Y13

Outline of role

Accountability for academic tracking of pupils in the designated Year group, including reward & discipline & wellbeing

De-escalating and resolving issues of conflict, bullying, social issues etc. between pupils and keeping parents informed

Meeting with parents to discuss, resolve any issues affecting pupils within the designated year group which involve across or outside of individual subject areas

Delegating communication (where appropriate), low level issues between pupils and any administrative issues to the Achievement Manager

3.Senior Leaders: Senior Link for Wellbeing and Achievement of Pupils

Senior Leaders

Name and Title

Mrs Ingram - Y7 & Transition from PrimaryMr Lewis - Y8 & Y9Mr Burgum - Y10 & Y11Miss Davies - Y12 & Y13

Outline of role

Senior Link for Parents’ evenings

Investigation of more serious incidents/accidents/ bullying issues/ social issues and resolving issues by taking appropriate action in line with the School discipline policy

Meeting parents for serious incidents/issues or where intervention with the Leader (s) of Achievement has failed to achieve desired outcomes

4.Examinations and Data Manager: External Examinations Contact

Examinations and Data Manager

Name and Title

Mr Stagg

Outline of role

Co-ordination and management of whole school data and external examinations

5.Senior Leadership Team


Name and Title

Mrs Thomas

Outline of role

Whole school strategic direction including the School Improvement Plan, managing whole school budget

Designing, consulting and implementation of the whole school staffing structure, roles and responsibilities, Job descriptions

Whole School self-evaluation and review

Deputy Headteacher

Name and Title

Mr Fowles

Outline of role

Investigation and resolution of formal complaints/ grievances etc.

Lead responsibility for all whole school quality assurance systems and procedures including monitoring, evaluation and review.

Performance Management of teachers

Timetable, Options, Curriculum organisation

Educational Visits Senior Co-ordinator

Leadership of and ensuring accountability for standards, achievement, behaviour and wellbeing of students across the whole school

Safeguarding officer and staff safeguarding training. Prevent duty and associated training

Business Manager

Name and Title

Mr Walters

Outline of role

Financial planning & management of the school budget. Allocation of budget to delegated budget holders.

Accountability for School Financial Regulations, Fair Funding Scheme.

Lead for all matters relating to Human Resources e.g. payroll, contracts of employment, absence management, authorisation of staff leave, Staff Handbook

Strategic management and quality assurance of premises and co-ordinating various site projects including capital projects, bids and tenders

Income generation & lettings management, marketing

Assistant Headteachers

Name and Title

Mr LingMrs ClodeMr GriffithsMrs WilliamsMiss Pennell

Outline of role

Headteacher’s Personal Manager

Name and Title

Mrs Gandy

Outline of role

Managing and co-ordinating the work of Headteacher and policies/procedures