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Attendance at School

Pupils are expected to attend regularly and punctually and should only be absent for very special reasons e.g. illness.

We are now required by the Government/LEA to show details of absences (authorised and unauthorised) on School Reports. Authorised absences must be confirmed by Year Tutors. The school should be contacted before 9.15am concerning an absence, otherwise we may have to make contact to confirm a non-attendance.

Notes of explanation are required from parents or guardians as follows:-

(a) On the day of return after any absence of less than three days or on the third day of a prolonged absence. Telephone messages should be supported by a note when the pupil returns to school.
(b) Beforehand if parents intend to keep their children away from school for a dental or medical appointment.

A doctor’s note/certificate is required in the following circumstances:-

(a) When specifically requested by a Senior member of staff.
(b) Failure to attend a Public examination through illness.

Where no reason for absence has been received parents may be contacted by the school or the Education Welfare Officer.

It is school policy not to authorise absences for the purpose of taking a family holiday. Parents are urged to plan holidays out of term time. School holiday dates are included in this planner and are always published well in advance.