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10th April, 2020

That Good Friday Feeling!
A group of volunteer students had a lesson today about alcohol from staff at Hensol Castle Distillery and although there was not a drop of gin in sight, there was at least 'tonic'!
The Managing Director of Hensol Castle Distillery, Mr Mallows visited the school with a distiller to teach pupils how to make hand rub for distribution to our local community to assist with the prevention of the spread of Covid-19. 
Hensol Castle Distillery was due to open its doors as a gin school and distillery in March 2020, however, has since repurposed itself to supply hand rub to major organisations.  
Today, our students learnt how to create hand rub by mixing the right balance of chemicals and to the standard formulation recommended by the World Health Organisation. 
In less than 2 hours, they mixed and bottled over 200 bottles of their very special hand ‘tonic’ at one of the school's science laboratories!

Seren Burgum all smiles!

Jordan the Distiller gives precise instructions for making sure it hits the standard!

Y13 students concentrating on getting the precise concentration! 

Complete! Our very own home grown Hand Rub. 

If you are an organisation in need of Hand Rub, please contact We have 200 x 100ml bottles to donate.  Compliant with WHO standards