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Anti-Bullying Workshops - 01/10/2018

In June and July 2018 the anti-bullying committee ran a number of workshops for students now in Year 7,8 and 9. The workshops raised awareness of cyberbullying, and how Cowbridge Comprehensive School does not accept any form of bullying.

On June 28th the committee introduced themselves to the Year 6’s (current Year 7’s) on their first induction day at Cowbridge Comprehensive School. We ran an anti-bullying motto competition. The winning motto was to be posted around school, and the winner given a prize. The motto was to represent how Cowbridge Comprehensive stands up against bullies and how there is always help available. The competition gave the Year 6’s the opportunity to interact and get to know each other.

On July 2nd the committee ran an hour long workshop for each form in Year 7 and 8 (current Year 8 and 9), the focus was on cyberbullying. During the workshop the pupils made form paperchains representing cyberbullying. They could focus on different areas such as the dangers of social media, consequences of cyberbullying, and support/ help available. Additionally, the Year 7 and 8 students also joined in with the motto competition. The workshop was a massive success and we had great feedback from both children and staff.

Overall the committee ended up with around 700 mottos to choose from. Choosing the winner was an extremely hard decision because many were very good, and covered important points. In the end the committee did decide on a winner.