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Eco Committee visit Viridor in Cardiff - 09/03/2020

As part of the School Council Eco Committee’s role to learn and inform about matters concerning how we as a community impact the environment, Mr. Ling and a few students from the committee went on a trip to the Viridor Recycling, Resource & Waste Management site in Cardiff, (one of a few scattered across the UK). There we learnt that the general waste of at least 95% of South Wales goes to be completely utilised for its energy as it is broken down step-by-step. This has been an alternative to landfill since 2014 and can be classed as a recycling plant due to its zero waste output and the fact that it handles around 350,000 tonnes of residual waste per year to power approximately 68,448 homes. We learned these facts on the visit as well as the science behind processes that turn each bit of waste and byproduct into useful energy or neutral byproduct like water. We got to walk around the site and see first hand the machinery and structures involved, helping us to better understand and to appreciate the work done by Viridor. The school places great importance on the environment which forms part of our School Improvement Plan.