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Pupils showing community spirit for the food bank and NHS - 03/04/2020

Bringing Good News to Hopefully Add a Splash of Cheer!
1. Food Bank Assistance 
Today, we have been busy sorting and donating food to the local food bank accompanied by one of our resourceful Y7 pupils! 
2. Creating face visors to assist the NHS support staff
Mr Edwards came up with an idea in the early hours of Wednesday! To create non-permeable, single-use face visors for personal and protective equipment. These are being made in the Design Technology Department today and will be donated to a GP surgery and a local hospital,  so that they can be used by general support staff. Well done to Mr Edwards for leading a small team (with social distancing firmly in place) of Y13 pupils and a Y7 pupil to assist with PPE! Take a look at our glamorous assistants!
Our Y7 Pupil cutting the foam and elastic! 
Bravo Harriet!
Mr Edwards looking very pensive, tried all ways to dodge a photo!
Arthur Y13 - quite the Master craftsman! 
Rhys and Sophie Y13 still looking glamorous despite the shock of an early start (9am!) and hard at work!
The prototype!
Mrs Thomas