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Year 8 into 9 Programme of Study Process

We invite you to use the resources on this web page to help inform your decision on your programme of study choices. You will find a range of resources such as our Key Stage 4 (KS4) Programme of Study Booklet, audio-visual presentations and a frequently asked questions guide.

Making your choices
This is an exciting time and provides you with the opportunity to study the subjects that you believe most suit you. Since the school has started delivering GCSEs over a three year course, the benefits for both pupils and teachers have become obvious. This means that you can take subjects you enjoy, whilst also trying new and exciting ones that we offer at Cowbridge. The benefit for you is that it will increase your engagement and help set you up for your future studies and career. For teachers, it allows more time to teach the content interactively whilst enriching learning experiences.
If you missed our Programme of Study assemblies in February, or if you would like to revisit the information that was given, please take the opportunity to watch this presentation where we discuss some of the key messages that you need to be aware of before choosing your KS4 pathway. 

If you have any further questions, we have created this easy to read ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ guide. In it, you will find answers to everything from ‘What subjects are compulsory?’ to ‘Do I need to take the subject at GCSE to continue into A Level?’

Link to Programme of Study Process Frequently Asked Questions Document 
KS4 Programme of Study Booklet 
Now that you have listened to the assembly and presentation, it is important that you read the KS4 Programme of Study Booklet that was given to you and is also linked below. This guide provides you with an outline of what content is covered in each subject and an overview of the assessment objectives, how the courses are assessed and, finally, an outline of what you can do with the subject after GCSE.

KS4 Programme of Study Booklet
We asked subject leaders to provide answers to the frequently asked questions that are often put to us as part of this process. Here is a summary of the kind of questions that have been frequently asked which may help you in forming your choices. The list is not exhaustive but a useful help guide. Remember, you can also ask your subject teachers for more information during your timetabled lessons.

Link to departmental Frequently Asked Questions
Are there still questions that you would like to ask us?
We are aware that you may still have questions that need answering. Please feel free to use the Google Form below to ask these questions, whether they involve the programme of study process or subject specific questions. We will get back to you with answers to the questions posed.

Link to Google Forms Sheet

Year 9 Programme of Study Choices Timeline and Process
The following timeline provides an overview of the process:

Please note that we will get back in touch with pupils should clashes be unresolved or to inform them that courses are not running due to insufficient numbers.


Important Information
In order to submit your subject choices, please use the link to the Google Form that was emailed to you on 14 March 2022.



Year 9 Programme of Study Choices - September 2022
Please complete the Google Form that has been shared with you by
Monday 21 March 2022


The programme of study columns below represent a starting point in the curriculum construction. These columns are provisional as they can change due to staffing availability and pupil choices. Subjects will be provided if class sizes are educationally and economically large enough.
Every pupil will study the following subjects that make up the core curriculum: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Mathematics – Numeracy, Science, Ethics and Philosophy, Physical Education and Welsh. Pupils are to choose a further five subjects that they wish to study to GCSE/IVQ/BTEC Level.

Art Engineering Built Environment Art Geography
History Geography French Computer Science German
Product Design Health & Social Care and Childcare Digital Technology Food & Nutrition History
Textiles Performing Arts Geology Music Triple Science
  Sociology Triple Science Physical Education  
Due to pupil choices, subjects may be added to more than one/two programme of study columns. If you have a ‘clash’ indicate the subjects on the Google Form so that we can work on this.